Screen Print Your Own Custom Jerseys

If you are starting up a sports team in Rochester, you’ll want to ensure your team looks the part with its own set of matching jerseys. Jerseys will help ensure your players feel united and display their Rochester origins to their opponents. If you’re looking to get started making your own, you may want to consider screen printing as an option. In this video, you will learn how to use screen printing to make custom t-shirts for teams.

The video will show you how to use the different materials that you’ll need and how to prep them too. When you cover your screen, be sure to use only a little bit of photo emulsion because you can spread it thin and far.

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You’ll also learn how to mix the emulsion. Once ready, be sure to work quickly. Keep a light shining over the design once you set it. The video will also explain what to do when you make a mistake. All you need to do is transfer the design onto your tshirts! In no time you will have jerseys for each member of your Rochester team.


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