Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Lab grown diamonds have been rising in popularity, according to this video. Many wonder if they are real and if they are worth buying. This video explores the topic and discusses how to buy a lab grown diamond.

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The thing about a lab diamond is that it is “grown” in a lab using technology that creates the same conditions required for a natural diamond to form. These gems are not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia because they are actually entirely real.
The major difference between a natural diamond and lab grown diamond is the cost. Selecting fine jewelry that uses a lab grown diamond instead for an engagement ring or wedding band, can save the customer up to $10,000 or more! The video encourages you to still do your research on the best size and cut that will work the best for you. Lab grown diamonds are not “graded” in the same way and cannot be resold to most jewelers at this time, however, the resell value of even a natural diamond is only about 50%, according to the video. Overall, the quality is indistinguishable from a natural diamond and the price is unbeatable.


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