Your Kitchen Renovation Project Management Plan

If you’re planning to kickstart your kitchen renovation, you must be prepared to manage the entire project from start to finish to increase the chances of success. Having a kitchen renovation project management plan is necessary because it keeps you on track time-wise and budget-wise. The role of your kitchen renovation project management plan is to take your ideas that are on paper and transform them into reality. Executing your ideas requires that you keep your finger on the pulse and oversee each step to ensure it reflects what you want. Additionally, you need to manage your budget and stick to it as much as possible. Read on to find the top steps to include in your kitchen renovation project management plan.

Choose the Perfect Layout for Your Kitchen

One of the most important steps when it comes to your kitchen renovation management plan is to conceptualize the kitchen design. Simply put, you need to come up with a kitchen layout plan. Popular kitchen layouts include an L or U-shaped or a galley-style kitchen which has a central walkway with everything else located on both sides of the walkway. The right kitchen layout for you generally depends on your preferences and the amount of space that’s available. Before you make your final selection, consider browsing through several concept images that embody your idea of your dream kitchen. Concept images are a great way to see if your design will work out in real life.

You can also use resources like Pinterest to see photos of different kitchens that appeal to you. At this stage, you might want to bring in a kitchen consultant or interior designer who can help you with the conceptualization process. The good thing about working with an expert is that it can help you achieve that designer or high-end look that gives your kitchen extra aesthetic appeal. Your kitchen designer may also know all the tips and tricks to help in conceptualizing your kitchen design. They can use online tools to create a 3D model of your design, so you can get a first-hand experience of the kitchen you want before investing.

Once you have tapped into all the design inspiration available, the next step of the design process is to figure out where everything goes. The cupboards, drawers, gas stoves, shelves, and each kitchen cabinet should have a designated place where it fits. Make sure that your kitchen design is as functional as possible. For instance, if you’re cooking on your stovetop, a more functional design would give you access to the ingredients you need, so the fridge and the pantry should be close by. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that the design reflects work areas well-coordinated.

Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Project Manager

Creating a kitchen renovation project management plan and executing it takes a lot of skill and experience. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, it’s recommended that you work with a seasoned renovation professional that can help you turn your kitchen remodeling ideas into a flawless reality. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may be unable to actively manage your kitchen remodeling project yourself from start to finish. Keep in mind that creating a renovation project management plant is easier than executing it. If you choose to be your own project manager, you have to handle everything down to the smallest details, including sourcing contractor suppliers, getting the required permits, and staying on top of the day-to-day operations.

Not only is this a full-time job, but if you don’t have the experience, you might have issues sticking to your budget or getting your kitchen design fully realized. In most instances, the best option is to hire a renovation project manager or a kitchen designer. Hiring a designer is particularly crucial if you completely overhaul your kitchen’s layout and design. You may find a designer with sufficient experience to execute the design per the outlined budget.

Alternatively, you can hire a general contractor to oversee the project. Having a general contractor is handy if your renovation project involves major work that extends to your plumbing and electrical system. Additionally, major kitchen renovations involving lots of carpentry and tiling may need a general contractor with enough experience to hire and oversee subcontractors. The biggest benefit of hiring an experienced general contractor is that they can use their connections to source other reputable tradesmen, and they know where to get the best discounts on contractor supplies, whether you need replacement windows or aluminum appliances.

Create a Budget

In order for your kitchen renovation project management plan to function well, you need to create a budget that works. For that to happen, you need to work with realistic figures, which is why it’s necessary to obtain quotes for the supplies you need. Start by getting individual quotes from the different tradespeople you’ll be using. You can do this yourself, or your project manager can do it. Typically, a kitchen renovation may require you to hire all sorts of tradespeople, including a carpenter, painter, forklift contractor, electrician, tiler, or plumber. By getting accurate quotes from the tradespeople you’ll be using, it’s easier to know how the costs will break down. On average, the budget for your kitchen renovation will be allocated towards things like labor, cabinets, appliances, windows, fixtures, fittings, and other investments.

If you’re computer savvy, you can create a color-coded pie chart that will give you a visual idea of how much money goes where. You should also have room in your budget for unexpected expenses, because no matter how carefully you plan everything, you’re bound to encounter surprises. For instance, your plumber might discover that your pipes are rusty and prone to leaking, so they need to be replaced. Having wiggle room in your budget can make such discoveries less stressful. When creating your budget, be sure to list out your priorities so that you invest more money in the things that are important to you.

If your dream kitchen has great flooring, beautiful cabinets, and a spacious kitchen island, these are the things you should budget for first. That way, even if your budget is limited, you’ll still have the best features you want in your kitchen. When you think you have your budget all figured out, you should also consider the best way to pay for everything. You can choose to use your savings because cash is always king. You can also take out a loan, such as a home equity loan, which typically comes with a low-interest rate because the loan is secured. Financing your kitchen renovation project with a low-interest rate can be a smart move because it allows you to spread the costs, making the renovation project more affordable.

Create a Detailed Checklist

When it comes to planning a kitchen renovation, there’s a long list of tasks that need to be completed, one after the other. It can be difficult to keep track of it all, so where do you even start? Well, it’s as easy as creating a checklist in chronological order. After creating a checklist, all you have to do is start ticking off everything as it gets done. By the time you get to the end of your checklist, you’ll know that you have all the major stuff covered. So far in this guide, we have considered several major steps that should be included in your kitchen renovation project management plan. These steps include designing your kitchen, hiring a project manager, creating a budget, and preparing for the renovation.

Truth be told, there are plenty of other smaller steps that need to be taken care of in-between those smaller steps. Not only that, but there are endless considerations to make which need to be written down. Some things that you may need to add to your checklist include ordering materials, organizing trade quotes, taking care of a water heater install, placing large appliances, contacting exterminators, or hiring debris or junk removal service.

If this is your first time navigating a kitchen renovation project, do as much research as possible to discover what else you can add to your checklist. If you know other homeowners who have recently completed a kitchen renovation, talk to them about the steps they took to get everything done. You might get some fresh insights that will enable you to plan ahead effectively. The whole idea behind having a kitchen renovation project management plan is to keep everything organized instead of taking each step as it comes. It’s better to be aware of all the details involved in your project as it also helps you manage your expectations and make the necessary adjustments where possible.

Prepare for the Kitchen Renovation

Another important step that should be included in your kitchen renovation project management plan is making the necessary preparations. For starters, you need to remove all the items from your old kitchen, so you may need to scout for container rental companies that can help you with temporary storage solutions. You also need to decide whether you’ll be staying in your home during the renovations. Finding somewhere to stay while renovating means you won’t be annoyed by all the disruptions. On the other hand, you might save more money by striking around, since you don’t have to pay for a hotel and moving costs.

If you’re staying in your home, the next step is to make provisions for your meals. With your kitchen out of commission, you may be forced to eat out more often. In case you get tired of visiting the pizza restaurant (pizza can get old quickly!) or want to reduce the cost of takeout food, you may want to set up a temporary, makeshift kitchen in another area of your home. You can apply many tips to ensure you can still enjoy home-cooked meals even without access to your kitchen. For instance, you can prepare meals and freeze them in advance. You can also look for easy-to-make meals that involve the use of your crockpot, microwave, toaster, electric skillet, and other smaller appliances.

When packing up your existing kitchen, make sure you use labeled boxes and secure all the breakable items to prevent damage. If children or pets are going to be staying at home with you, you’ll need to restrict access to the renovation area, especially during work hours. The good news is that preparing your kitchen for upcoming renovations shouldn’t be too overwhelming. When you make the necessary preparations, this level of organization makes for smooth sailing during the actual renovations. Applying these preparation tips will reduce some of the stress associated with the upheaval and disruptive effect of kitchen remodeling projects.

Tie Everything Together

Your project management plan is made up of several different steps and contains a ton of details. Once you have everything together in one place, the only thing left is to tie everything together. This shouldn’t be too difficult because there’s no guesswork involved. You know what needs to be done and how you’ll do it. That said, one last thing that should govern your plan – you need a reasonable timeline. This is especially true if you plan to work with a real estate law firm to sell your home. Hence, make sure that you have a detailed timeline for when everything should be completed and try to follow that timeline to the best of your abilities.

The kitchen is regarded as the heart of the home, so kitchen renovation is a big deal for most homeowners. If you want to make the most of your efforts, it’s best to create your kitchen renovation project management plan in advance. This will help reduce the need for making structural adjustments that can derail or delay your project. In any case, when you have a detailed kitchen renovation project management plan to follow. Hopefully, when the day finally dawns on your complete and newly remodeled kitchen, everything that you planned for will have been fulfilled, and you’re happy with the final results.

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