What Are Staffing Agencies?

Are you looking for a new job? Have you ever heard of a staffing agency? The video gives insight into staffing agencies and how they help companies and job seekers.

A staffing agency is an organization that hires employees to work for other companies. When a business needs to expand its workforce, it will typically reach out to a staffing agency for help.

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Temporary jobs, temp-to-hire jobs, and direct-hire jobs are the three types of job categories dealt with by staffing agencies.

In a temp job, you work for a client organization on a short-term basis, which can last weeks or months. A temp-to-hire job is one in which you work for a client on a trial basis to determine if you and they are a good match. A direct hire occurs when the staffing agency acts as the recruitment arm of the client. The client hires you directly through the staffing agency.

To understand the scope and scale of a modern staffing agency, you must put out of your mind the image of the temp clerk at the front desk. Today’s agencies are used to place truck drivers, accountants, day laborers, scientists, computer programmers, nurses, call center operators, and even CEOs. Now you know all about staffing agencies.


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