What Are Some Infant Daycare Benefits?

Are you a new parent? Are you wrestling with the idea of when you should go back to work and put your infant in daycare? The video gives some insight into infant daycare benefits.

The first point that the narrator, a new mom, makes is that the bond between mother and child forms in that first year. You should do all that you can to stay constantly with your child so that these bonds can form. These bonds are critical to the development of your child.

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As your child grows, it will be time to start putting them around kids their own age. Socialization of children should start before the age of 4. However, you can put them in a preschool or daycare center from the age of 2.

Among the most important infant daycare benefits is the time it gives you to resume your career. The more time you spend outside of the workforce, the harder it will be for you to resume your previous job and advance in your career. The video also points out that the more time you spend at home, the more your earning potential drops. Now you know all about the many benefits of infant daycare.


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