The Signs You May Need Roof Repair

Like most things in life, your roof doesn’t last forever. But, if you’re not a roofing pro, you may not be sure when you need roof repair. Keep reading to learn the most common signs that indicate you may need roof repair in the near future.

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The first sign you may need roof repair is if there is visible damage. Visible damage is usually a major problem and means you may need urgent roof repair.

The second sign you may need roof repair is if you have a sagging roof deck. This requires immediate attention to avoid further sagging and damage to your roof and home.

Another sign you could use roof repair is if you have clogged gutters. When gutters are clogged and no water is able to pass through, it causes backups and damage to roofs.

The next sign to watch out for is roof stains. If you see stains on your roof, it could be algae and require pro cleaning.

The last sign to look for is moisture inside the home. Inspect the attic and crawlspace for any moisture.

To learn more signs you need roof repair, watch the video above!


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