The Different Types of Low Income Housing

When it comes to affordable housing programs, there are a few different options available for low income families. There are three basic affordable housing programs available. The first type is the Housing Choice Voucher (HUD & COC).

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This is the federal government’s main housing program. It’s used for low income families, the elderly, and the disabled. HUD also plays a big role in refugee resettlement programs. You can often think of this type of housing as a discount or a coupon for housing.

Rapid rehousing is for those who once had a home or an apartment and hard times hit, such as the pandemic, and then they end up without a home. These affordable housing programs allow families to rapidly overcome homelessness. Veteran services may differ here. Over the course of the program, which lasts about two years, rapid rehousing allows you to get back on your feet. They help pay for your rent and your housing and then, over time, they begin to reduce the amount of rent they help you with.

Permanent support of housing is another type of housing program that helps those who are homeless or between homes. It’s for individuals who have an ongoing problem with being able to sustain a home.


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