Is Vaping Dangerous for Your Oral Health?

Vaping’s been the buzzword for a while now. Many people opt to vape instead of smoking, hoping it’s a safer alternative. Apart from being safer than smoking cigarettes, vaping is more trendy. At least, that’s the perception. Many young people vape because it’s the “in thing” to do.

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However, there may be more dangers to vaping than a defective smoking device. The YouTube video ” Local Dentist Explains Why Vaping is Dangerous For Teeth” explains. Vaping doesn’t mean there’s no nicotine. It simply means less nicotine. That’s according to a local dentist.

The Real Risks of Vaping

The difference between vaping and smoking is that vaping is more convenient. This may cause big problems. What’s supposed to be an advantage is more of a disadvantage. Smoking a vape is easier and more convenient. Hence, smokers smoke longer and more frequently. This causes increased levels of plaque. Plaque is a leading cause of gum disease, discoloration of teeth, and receding gum lines.

These points are only from a dentist’s perspective. While on the surface, vaping may seem safer, it’s not. Informed clients can make better decisions. Dentistry is expensive. Vaping may cause more dental problems than smoking. That’s apart from all the other health risks associated with vaping.


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