New to Rochester? Make Sure You Know How to Contact These Local Services

Each year, millions of Americans move for various reasons, from job changes to the fear of missing out. According to the East Bay Times, about 5 million Americans moved states in 2021 alone. If you are moving to a new city, it’s comforting to know that many other Americans move each year to new cities.

Moving in itself is daunting. One study by E.ON company found that respondents ranked moving as the most stressful life event ahead of going through a divorce. The stress of moving and settling in a new city doesn’t seem to stop people from moving. But the next hurdle after moving is settling in the new city.

One of the best tips after moving to a new city is to gather the contact addresses of essential service providers. That way, you don’t have to feel like everything is new. You could curate this list even before leaving your previous home. In this article, you’ll have a comprehensive list of contacts you should have after moving to a new city such as Rochester.

13 Local Services Contacts You Should Have

New to Rochester? You’ve probably been scanning the internet for the best tips after moving to a new city. You’re not alone. Many people moving to a new city are looking for a footing, a place to begin life and settle in fast. Here are 13 contact addresses you shouldn’t miss.

1. Electrician

Modern technology has reduced electrical emergencies, making appliances safer. However, electrical issues still crop up. If you’re new to a city, you don’t have the luxury of reaching your electrician. You also don’t know your new house as you did the previous house. That makes it more critical to have electrical problems checked after you notice them.

You should have the contact address of at least one electrician or electrical contractor after moving to a new city. You may not require them immediately, but it would help to know you can always reach them. Since you don’t know the contractors quite well but need reliability, you can use other metrics such as Yelp and Google reviews. That way, you can have peace knowing you have a reliable service provider.

2. Mechanic

If you’re in a new city such as Rochester, you probably rely on a personal vehicle to move around. You need your vehicle to be in superb condition to serve you well. If you’re using your vehicle to get to work, you don’t want to make a bad first impression by arriving late. So have the contacts of a reliable auto mechanic.

One of the best tips after moving to a new city would be to check your vehicle for any issues. You could also schedule maintenance once you move into the new city to give your vehicle a fresh start. In some instances, you can have some work done on the car to help it adapt to the new city, for example, by having winter tires for your car.

3. Vet

Your pets need to see a vet once in a while, depending on age and needs. For example, according to Veterinary Practice News, your puppy should see a vet every 6-8 weeks for vaccinations. So, even if your pets don’t fall ill, you might need to see a vet regularly. It would help if you had the contact addresses of local pet hospitals early on to save you the hassle of looking for one when it’s too late.

In some cases, your pet may have an emergency case, for example, after swallowing a non-safe object. You don’t want to rush asking neighbors for contacts. Furthermore, looking for service providers is best when you’re not in a rush.

4. HVAC Services

If you just bought a new house in the city you have moved into, the previous owner probably had the HVAC serviced. However, you can never be sure until you start living in the house. You may notice issues in the HVAC after moving, for example, funny noises or fluctuating temperatures. Settling in will be much harder if the house is uncomfortable.

While you could stay in the house until you can find reliable HVAC services, you could get their contacts early and call them when you notice a problem. You can check online for service providers or ask for recommendations from the previous house owner.

5. Towing Company

The U.S Bureau of Transport Statistics states that 64%of traffic incidents are because of vehicle breakdowns. Of course, most breakdowns are avoidable through proper maintenance and regular visits to a local mechanic. Having a car emergency in the middle of a highway is stressful enough. But the situation could become worse if you require towing services but don’t know whom to call because you’re in a new city.

So one of the best tips after moving to a new city is to get the contacts of one reliable towing company. Towing companies are not like a brand coffee shop; you can get the same brand in any city. Most are small independent companies. So, even if you had a reliable towing company in your previous city, you need to look for a replacement so they can easily show up when you need them.

6. Exterminator

The last thing you want to deal with after moving to a new city is pests. But it could be a possibility. According to Consumer Affairs, termites, ticks, and mosquitoes pose the most significant threat to Americans, with termites causing $5 billion in property damage, while mosquitoes are the deadliest pest. You want to ensure your home and family are protected from pest infestation.

Having the contacts of a local pest control company will cost you nothing, but having pests breed in your home while you look for an exterminator will cost you. Further, you might have a few days after moving when you’re not very engaged. You can use this time to look for service providers such as exterminators.

7. Tire Shop

Another of the best tips after moving to a new city is to look for a reliable tire shop. You can keep in contact with your previous supplier, but the distance might be too far to make economic sense. A good tire dealer will have options you can choose from should your vehicle need new tires. You can keep their contact addresses and check their catalog once in a while to ensure they have stock that’s useful to you.

If you’re moving to a new city during winter, you might need winter tires that not all tire shops stock. You can always call your chosen tire supplier to make an order before winter comes. Since you don’t know many people in the new city, having your car well-equipped with quality tires will prevent you from unnecessary stoppages.

8. Contractors

Contractors are another local service you should know how to contact. You’re moving to a new city. Is it essential to have contacts of companies that do general contracting? If you’re moving to a new city, you might consider building a home. Even if you had good contractors in your previous city, they might not do projects in your new city.

Most general contractors have multiple ways of contacting them, including a website. You can visit their website and peruse their previous projects to see if they match. You can also call to request an estimate quote for your project. You can relax if you get a reliable general contractor because they’ll handle every aspect of your project.

9. Car Wash

One of the most challenging aspects of moving to a new city is saying goodbye to your regular service providers. You’re so used to stopping by your local car wash you don’t think about it. If you’re looking for the best tips after moving to a new city, have contacts for local car washes. It may look basic, but it may save you the hassle of looking for a basic service provider.

If you regularly use your car to move around, it’ll be comforting to know that you can find your car wash and get a quick clean even if you don’t know the new city well. If you’re new to Rochester, you can easily find local car washes on online platforms such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Make sure to read reviews to ensure your car will be safe.

10. Property Surveying Services

If you’re looking to settle in a new city, it will help to know how to contact an experienced property surveyor. They’ll make precise measurements of a parcel of land to know its dimensions and limits. A property survey will give you an accurate picture of the size of your land and thus inform you of the kind of structure you can put up.

You’ll not only need a property surveyor if you’re buying a piece of land. You could also require their services if you are buying a home. You’ll know the exact boundaries of your property, which could prevent the likelihood of boundary conflicts with neighbors. A survey will show where the road boundaries begin if your property is near a public road.

11. Family Doctor

Another critical tip for moving to a new city is having a way to contact a doctor. Having young children or a senior living with you is especially critical. According to the CDC, there were 130 million emergency department visits in 2018. The rising cases of lifestyle diseases make it hard to predict when an emergency will hit a loved one.

If you’re in a new city, handling a medical emergency when you have no contacts can be scary. However, emergency visits are not the only reason to know how to contact a medical doctor. Sometimes you only need a reliable and expert opinion on a condition, and it would be easier if you had a family doctor you could contact at any time.

12. Attorney

If you ask anyone who has moved recently, getting an attorney is one of the best tips after moving to a new city. Most people never set out to have legal problems, but they could happen. From being involved in a road crash to completing the house-buying process, an attorney can guide you when you need a legal advisor.

Some attorneys will require you to keep them on retainer so they can show up whenever you need them. However, you can keep their contact and call them when needed. You could also pass by their website and check their quotes and services.

13. Police Station

If you’re looking for tips after moving into a new city, have contacts of people who can help you. Even if you’re one day old in a city, you should know how to contact the local police station. Burglars may perceive new homeowners as having lax security. For example, their alarm system is not yet functional.

Knowing how to contact the police is essential if you find yourself in an emergency, such as dealing with someone with mental health challenges or intruders. The police may not know you, but they’re legally obligated to help you when you’re in need.

Final Thoughts

You can settle in more easily if you have a few contacts in the city you’re moving to. For example, if you’re new to Rochester, it would help if you had the contacts of a doctor, plumber, and electrician in case of an emergency. It will also help if you have contacts of a friend or family because they can offer good recommendations.

Curate your list of service providers before settling in a new city because it will be harder to look for them in an emergency. If you’re looking for tips after moving to a new city, having a full contact book is probably the best tip.

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