Need Something to Do in Rochester This Weekend?

Living in Rochester may not be much like living in a place like New York City, but that does not mean that there is a dearth of nightlife, fine dining, or entertainment, either. The truth is, Rochester has plenty of things to keep even a long time resident busy. You just need to know where to look!

If you are looking for Rochester events today, Rochester events this weekend, or even next weekend, all you really need to do is check out a Rochester event calendar, park schedules, or local magazines and newspapers. Here is what you might find.

Event Calendars

There are actually several events calendars in Rochester, but any one of them will help you discover events to enjoy. Things slow down a little bit in the fall and the winter, but this weekend there are two fairly large events! The Bausch and Lomb Wintergarden is hosting “Canstruction,” an annual sculpture competition and food drive for the local food bank. Also occurring this weekend is the re-opening of the Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. If you are interested in seeing gravity-defying sculptures built out of canned goods, or getting out on the ice rink, then these events are for you.

City of Rochester Parks

Another great way to find Rochester events this weekend is to check the schedules of Rochester NY parks. Naturally, the summer months feature the biggest Rochester music events, such as “Concerts By the Shore,” and the “Ontario Beach Big Band Dance Series,” but you never know what might be happening at one of the scores of parks in the area. Check Rochester parks and recreation websites for updates and new events.

Rochester Magazines and Newspapers

The Rochester magazines and newspapers are always a good source for information on local events and attractions. Reported Rochester events this weekend include a fine craft show and sale at the Memorial Art Gallery, and at the JCC of Greater Rochester is the annual Rochester Jewish Book Festival.

If your family starts complaining that they are bored, or that there is never anything fun to do in Rochester, simply check an events calendar online, your favorite newspaper or magazine, or the websites of the local parks. In all of these sources you will find quick inspiration and a reason to get out of the house this weekend.

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