Fantastic Local Events for Your Hometown

Rochester, NY residents sometimes may feel like they do not have much to do. In fact, choosing between fishing in Lake Ontario or hanging out in one of the City of Rochester parks may sometimes feel like the only options available on any given weekend. The good news is that anyone looking for Rochester events today can probably find something that they never would have thought of before.

According to TheState.com, one local Rochester landmark is making national news once again. That landmark is The National Toy Hall of Fame, which is once again getting ready to select its annual list of inductees. The list of 12 finalists were announced on October 1. The article also went on to state how a national selection committee will go on to see which of last years inductees will be moved into the hall, that is located inside The Strong Museum of Play.

Features in Rochester magazines and on national television programs like The Daily Show, this induction ceremony grows in prominence every year to become one of the more famous Rochester events today.

And there are many others. Throughout the spring, fall and summer there are a number of concerts all across the city and its surrounding suburbs, including the world famous Rochester International Jazz Festival and Lilac Festival. Aside from being located in gorgeous parts of the cities downtown area, they also feature some of the best musicians in the entire world.

Anyone that takes a moment to pull their head out of the sand will see that there are plenty of Rochester events today. All they need to do is look around, and they will see more than they could possible get to on any given weekend.

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