How Do I Buy Gold?

Buying gold can seem to be clouded in mystery because of there limited information about the process in the public domain. Most people who buy gold don’t like to share information about the process because they don’t want to attract unwanted attention. However, purchasing gold is pretty straightforward if you know what to do.

The spot price is among the most essential things you should know before purchasing gold.

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The spot price is the price at which gold is being bought and sold at the moment. You can find the spot price online. If you buy gold bars or coins, you should expect to pay a premium on top of the spot price to cover the cost of minting ad retail markup. The premium is usually 6% of the spot price. You should know that most Sovereign gold coins and bars are more valuable than the worth of the gold they contain.

When shopping for gold, it’s always best to purchase bars or coins minted by your country’s mint. If you are in the United States, that will be gold coins and bars from U.S. Mint. In the United Kingdom, it will be from the Royal Mint. Whenever you want to buy gold, it’s always best to go to a reputable local gold shop. If you want to buy gold online, make sure you find a trustworthy seller.

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