How 3D Printing Can Be Used in Orthodontics

The field of orthodontics now makes great use of 3D printers for several things. One major thing that 3D printing is used for in dental work is retainers. Today someone can create a temporary mold that they send in the mail to a company, where a technician will prepare the retainer mold and use a machine to make a retainer that is customized for your needs. Of course, this process can also be done right in your dentist’s office, though this offers you a convenient option.

3D printing has seen many advancements over the years and this means that the orthodontic field will only improve with the regular use of 3D printers. They are likely to be used for even more purposes as the technology develops more in the future.

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There are a few benefits to 3D printing in orthodontics. For one, it means there is going to be much less of a mess involved in taking impressions. It also means that the process goes a lot faster. With the creation of smaller machines, this process can be completed right in the office. This makes it possible for your orthodontist to make highly customized dental appliances more accurately.


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