What to Look for in an Apartment Walk Through In Rochester, NY

Before you move into an apartment in Rochester, NY, it is important to research the building and check out the place beforehand. You want to look for all kinds of things that can help or hinder your experience as a renter. When looking at apartments for rent, it is always best to walk through the place ahead of time. This allows you to see what it is like. With this, you can judge whether it will be a good apartment for your needs. Here are some guidelines on what to look for in an apartment walk through in Rochester, NY.

Understanding a Property’s Condition

This is one of the crucial pieces of advice on what to look for in an apartment walk through. Before signing a lease, you have to understand the property’s condition. If you are going through an apartment walkthrough with your landlord, get them to show you all potential problems. With this, you can be sure the issues will be fixed before moving in.

Moving can add additional stress to moving day. However, a few helpful things can help with moving. Hiring residential movers is a good way to move. The movers know what it takes during moving and provide professional services. Before moving, people should first get familiar with their lease agreement.

In addition, it is important to understand property conditions. This requires research before moving in. The first thing is researching the building before moving in. It requires knowing your rights regarding property conditions expected from the tenant’s point of view. If there are damages, what should a landlord do? Does the landlord provide the services of a moving company?

Condition of Units

Concerning this, there are several tips on what to look for in an apartment walk through. One of the things to look out for is the presence of any mold or mildew. If present, this might indicate a foundation issue. How many smoke detectors are there per apartment?

There should be one on each floor and one near the laundry machine. Also, make sure they are not too old. Smoke detectors have expiration dates. Take note if anything looks like it is about to fall or flake paint. Do any of the windows stick when opened/closed? Again, these could indicate bigger problems like foundation issues.

Check every outlet and light switch in each room for proper function if applicable. If they do not work, ask why they have been turned off. Ensure that all appliances function properly, e.g., washer, dryer, and are not extremely old. Again, if they are too old, there is a significant risk for them to break and spark an electrical fire.

Another tip on what to look for in an apartment walk through is to check the shower and bathtub. Some may appear as though no one has showered or bathed in quite some time. For instance, it may be displaying soap scum build-up. This might be because the water pressure is too weak or maybe even nonexistent. If this is the case, consider finding somewhere else to live.

Cleaning Requirements and Previous Tenants’ Pets

Before moving in, another guideline on what to look for in an apartment walk through is what cleaning requirements are necessary upon moving out. For example, will it be normal wear and tear, or will you be expected to replace the carpet if it is stained? Some properties require tenants to recarpet the unit before moving out.

However, some more affordable apartments or apartments in bad neighborhoods might charge an arm and a leg for their cleaning fee. This could make it next to impossible for low-income households to afford the move-out costs upon leaving. Thus, creating an endless cycle of poverty. Suppose you have pets, are they allowed? If not, does that include pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs? Some landlords are not flexible with these things.

Do your research beforehand. When the same pet has occupied an apartment for several years, there are usually special cleaning requirements. This is especially true if your pet sheds hair or dyes on the floor. When you are preparing to look at an apartment for rent in Rochester, be sure to ask about previous tenants’ pets and what they did for cleaning requirements.

In addition, prior tenants often leave behind a part of themselves that is hard to remove from their previous space, smells. To find out what kind of smell was left behind by the previous tenant, you may want to ask if they just smoked or had pets. Ask what cleaning products and restoration techniques were used before the apartment was listed for rent again.

Laundry Accessibility and Availability of Washer/Dryer Units

Make sure the property provides laundry units or that there is a laundromat nearby. If they provide laundry units, make sure they are not too old and poor. One tip for looking for in an apartment walkthrough is corroded water supply or plumbing systems. If you love your privacy, consider looking for an apartment with private laundry access. While these places tend to be more expensive, it will feel like you have your apartment once again.

Laundry is typically the one thing that no one likes to deal with daily. However, it is an essential household chore that everyone has to do. It does not matter if you live alone or have a big family and many laundries. There has to be somewhere for you to wash and dry your clothes. If not, your only option is going to the laundromat or having someone drop off your laundry. This can add up in costs. If possible, discuss with the rental agent where the washer/dryer unit would be in each unit they show you when doing a walkthrough of any potential condo home.

Ask them how frequently they get requests from residents for them not working properly. In larger apartment complexes, the washer and dryer may be located in a common area, saving you money by not having to buy your own. However, if there are only one or two washers and dryers for the entire complex, that could pose an issue if they break down often or do not work properly.


There are several guidelines on what to look for in an apartment walk through. For instance, it is crucial to ensure that your pet will have a conducive environment. Do the neighbors’ pets bother you? Do any of the bark all day and night? Are the pets on leashes outside or allowed to roam around freely, potentially bothering neighbors? Pets can be wonderful. Make sure your animal will be welcome at this place before signing the lease.

Not all apartments can be 100% pet-friendly. However, most allow common domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. The only way to know if your particular building or complex allows pets is to ask about their pet policy before signing any paperwork. The pet fee is an important piece of advice about what to look out for in an apartment walkthrough. You may have to pay a monthly pet fee in addition to an additional rent cost per month.

If possible, try to avoid these fees by finding a more flexible place with their policies. Consider the pet’s utilities and potential hazards. It should not be too difficult for you or anyone looking at an apartment if water heaters are large enough for big dogs or there is no water dish under the sink tipping over water onto the water heater. You want to avoid flooding in your area or any water leaks that cause water damage.

Location of the Apartment

The apartment search is not always as easy as it seems and can be very frustrating. You need to look for many things when looking at an apartment. One of the most important factors on the guidelines on what to look for in an apartment walk through is the apartment’s location. A factor that needs to be considered is whether or not a standby generator will provide backup power during a situation like a heavy snow storm.

You need to understand what to look for in an apartment walk through in your search for property. The main things you want to look for are location, noise levels, and safety. Location is important because you will be commuting from this place every day. You should know where the bus stop or subway station is. Noise levels can also play a huge factor in your decision.

If you do not enjoy sleeping with earplugs every night, ask about those as well. Safety should always come first when looking at an apartment. This means looking out for the security features and finding out how safe the neighborhood is. Do not take the apartment if there is no security lock on your door or any sort of residential fence to keep neighbors’ eyes off your space.

Available Appliances and Repair Services

Suppose you find a low rate on an apartment but see that the owner or management does not provide many appliances? In that case, then it is better to think twice about renting. They might be trying to offset having this appliance with a higher rental price. Most people will remember to check the air conditioner and air filter in a potential apartment and forget other things.

There are plenty of other things that need checking as well. For example, if you are looking for a second-floor apartment, it may be a good idea to ask about air conditioner repairs. This will help you know how much those repairs will cost down the road.

In addition to air conditioner issues, 24 hour HVAC service is another important thing to look for in an apartment walkthrough. Suppose something goes wrong with your AC at 3 AM on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning when no one is available to bring your heating unit up to speed during the winter months.

In that case, that will be a problem. Not just for that night but also for any future nights where the temperature drops unexpectedly. A residential electrician is another person you should talk with during an apartment walkthrough. Having all the outlets work correctly ensures that you are not spending more money on electricity than necessary.

Get a Homeowners Insurance Agent

When looking for an apartment, ask about the availability of a homeowners insurance agent. It would be best to prioritize this advice about what to look for in an apartment walk through. A good agent will be able to search the market and find you a housing policy that is affordable, comprehensive, and provides you with top-notch protection.

The rental property insurance agents of homeowners agencies are knowledgeable about the specific coverage needs renters face. The homeowners policies do not change when you rent your home. If homeowners have experienced loss through fire, theft, or vandalism in the past, they can still expect to receive full replacement value on their personal belongings even though they do not own their home anymore.

As a renter, it is important to ask who pays for damage caused by appliances. Additionally, homeowners’ insurance generally pays for losses caused by fire, explosion, lightning, aircraft, riot, theft, vandalism, and water damage from plumbing or sprinkler systems.

Homeowners insurance may also provide coverage for additional properties such as an unattached garage or shed. However, homeowners’ insurance generally does not cover losses caused by floods or earthquakes. You should check with your homeowners insurance agent to ensure that you are covered in these situations.

There are many deceptive properties, especially if you are a first-time renter. As a renter, it is important to be familiar with the signs of problem areas in an apartment. In one’s excitement at finding a new home, many things can go unseen as they tour the property for move-in readiness. What to look for in an apartment walk through can reveal safety issues that should be addressed before signing a lease agreement or rental payment plan in Rochester, NY. It will allow future residents to look at their new place from a discerning eye.

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