What Is PDR and Its Advantages?

Paintless dent removal, or PDR, is a technique you must consider before fixing your car. The Youtube video “What is PDR? and what are the advantages?” describes exactly what happens during the process of PDR and the excellent benefits of it. Let’s find out more!

Most car owners have probably heard about PDR, as it’s the most ecological, cost-efficient, and quick method of fixing dents without causing more vehicle problems. With paintless dent removal, you won’t have to repaint anything, which ruins the original factory finish.

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During the process, mechanics use specialized tools to press, massage, and reshape the dented part of the metal to its original form. This way, there won’t be any scratching on the surface, and the need for repaint is prevented entirely. However, only an expert can truly complete the work as expected. Most PDR repairs are done from inside the panel as they push it back out. However, if the dent is too deep, your car might need to have several sessions of the technique before it’s fully fixed.

Interestingly, more insurance companies prefer this method, so it’s worth considering if something happens.
You can check the rest of the video for more details about paintless dent removal!


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