What Does the First Week of Kindergarten Look Like?

The YouTube Channel It’s Monique’s World has a video about activities for the first week of kindergarten. It is called “First Week of School Activities in Kindergarten.” The teacher discusses how she over plans activities for the first week. The first few weeks she discusses class setting, classroom rules, walking in the hallway, and the right way to use the bathroom and lunchroom.

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She will repeat this for about two weeks units she knows the children are learning the routine.

Other activities she has planned are simple coloring pages to help the children learn how to complete a task. On the first day, she has them draw a picture of themselves and learn how to use scissors to cut out objects. She has activities for them to learn fine motor skills by tracing and cutting.

The teacher has a coloring page for crayons and talks to the class about the right way to use crayons and care for them. They read a book called David Goes to School and perform a craft project. Children learn about how to behave on the school bus and the difference between kind and unkind behavior. There are activities for learning numbers and letters, learning to complete a task, and recognizing unfamiliar words. The Kindergarten children work on art, use play dough, set goals, and read books in the first few weeks. They will be introduced to social studies later in the year.


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