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Treating old or broken glass can have you seeing clearly

Rochester windows

Rochester and the Finger Lakes region gets all types of weather. People often joke about how quickly it can change from minute to minute. One thing is certain, however. Having the right vehicle accessories is key to successfully driving and navigating in Western New York.
Getting a vehicle’s windows tinted can help cut down on glare during the hot, bright summer months in Western New York. Of course, window tinting Rochester NY can also help improve visibility for drivers who drive during the winter when snow and precipitation can cause glare.
Aquapel glass treatment, when applied to the windshield, can also dramatically improve visibility, during the daytime, but especially during nighttime driving.
Because of the nature of extreme weather in Western New York, having convenient glass repair centers is of utmost importance. Equipped to handle all auto and home window needs, including Aquapel glass treatment, glass centers are offer safety and protection for your windows and glass.
Aquapel glass treatment is proven to help drivers see clearly and drive safer. The repellant works by improving vision in the rain, forces rain to bead and roll off the windshield and leaves windows specially coated, but never greasy, to allow rain, ice, snow and dirt to easily wash away. Aquapel glass treatment is also designed to reduce glare in at night which can leave drivers feeling more comfortable on the road. When applied to a windshield, Aquapel glass treatment improves vision in the rain, day and night. This innovative product forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike other similar products that simply coat glass. Aquapel for Rochester windows has staying power, too. It is capable of lasting up to six times longer than other products and just one application can last for months during normal driving conditions.
Of course, Rochesterians do not only want to protect their vehicle glass. Especially knowing how cold it can get during the fall and winter months, broken or old, inefficient windows in the home just won’t do! Having home windows estimated by a professional can help homeowners save money in the long run. If windows are collecting moisture, ice or frost, it’s a good sign that seals or glass is broken and replacement windows should be considered.

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