If You Love Being Outdoors, Consider These Careers

Are you interested in outside summer jobs this year? If so, you’re not the only one, as working outside has plenty of benefits. Some outside jobs require you to move around constantly, stretch your muscles, enjoy fresh air, and avoid being in a stagnant office all day. There’s nothing like being out in nature and fresh air and seeing the occasional wildlife flicker by as you get your work hours in. From working with flowers to helping with someone’s pool, here are some outside summer jobs you should consider.


As you know, a roof is one of the most valuable parts of any home. Spending summer with local roofing contractors can be the first step in a very lucrative job. A professional roofer in most states should be certified, licensed, and bonded. Getting a job on the roofing team can get you some of the hands-on experience you need to make you see if it’s something you’d want to pursue full-time.

According to Indeed, the average salary for an American roofer is about $23.28 per hour. If you want to make the higher end of this salary consider living in California or Ohio. The average hourly pay in Akron, OH, is $24.86, Sacramento, CA, averages $26.92, while the top spot for hourly roofer pay in Riverside, CA, at $30.11 per hour.

When it comes to outside summer jobs that allow you to work with a range of materials, roofing is one of them. Today’s American roofers will almost always have experience working with asphalt shingles. Asphalt is the most popular roofing in American homes across different regions. You notice it’s a versatile material in terms of color style and is easiest to install. Therefore, if you get outside summer jobs at local roofers, you’ll likely work with asphalt tiling. However, if you luck out and get the chance to assist a metal roofer, you’d be working with a more specialized material that takes more time to install but also lasts much longer. After all, a well-built and maintained metal roof can last for 40 to 70 years according to Bob Vila. If you decide to become a roofer after your summer job experience, you may get the inspiration to specialize in some of the more intricate materials like metal, slate, or ceramic tiles. Many homes in the Florida area and other hot climates use roofs made from clay tiles.

Pool Services

Imagine having summer jobs that allow you to go dipping in the pool. While you may not go swimming on the job, you’ll certainly take part in what makes it happen. Working in pool services allows technicians to learn on the job. You get hands-on training and you may be a professional by the time summer is over.

According to Upper Inc., there will always be a demand for pool service technicians as long as there’s a demand for pool amenities. Expect to learn a range of topics from equipment repair to water chemistry to pool maintenance itself. Therefore, if you’re working with a swimming pool contractor, you gain a range of experience you could use across the country as pools are everywhere. Plus, more people not only love swimming as a pastime, but I understand the value of hydrotherapy.

The reason why pools are among the top outside summer jobs that people love is because you get to work with water, which is a part of nature. After all, according to psychology today, nature produces a sense of wellness and happiness in people. Whether you do pool rescreening or overall maintenance, you’ll be responsible for helping residences and businesses safely maintain their pools. You can help repair pools, as things can go wrong with the filter or tiles may break off.

You may even clean and renovate hot tubs, which people often add to their regular pool. After all, hot tubs are not only the life of any summer party but provide health benefits from lowering the signs of inflammation and hypertension. You also learn how to diagnose equipment issues like the equipment you use to maintain a pool or parts of the pool itself. You can diagnose when the water pump isn’t functioning or if the filter is clogged. One of the major jobs you’ll find yourself doing besides cleaning is ensuring that the water chemistry is balanced. Otherwise, people may have discomfort swimming after an extended period because a poor pH level can cause skin and eye irritation. It can also cause the water to become cloudy and look uninviting to be in.

Concrete Pouring

Concrete has many uses in the economy. It’s one of the main materials used in construction, particularly skyscrapers. When you’re building a home or pool foundation, a concrete pourer is often needed. Therefore, if you are looking for outside summer jobs that can help you learn about constructing a building, concrete pouring is it. You’ll learn how to pour and mix concrete and understand its curing time. The time it takes for concrete to cure or dry can depend on the weather and decomposition of the material. Some contractors will also add color to concrete based on the design of the structure they’re working on. You may even learn about other techniques, such as concrete stamping, or rebaring which helps reinforce a concrete structure.


Landscaping is one of the best summer jobs to have, as you know, you’ll be outside the whole time. Learn what it takes to maintain the soil, grass, and other plants. Many different plant species need proper feed and the type of feed you use will change. You’d learn how much feed and water is needed to maintain a beautiful landscape. If you’re working with a top soil provider, you’ll understand the composition of this healthy soil and why it’s important for gardening and producing healthy plants that take root.

Tree Services

Trees have so much value. Thanks to beautiful trees, the planet has oxygen and ways to grow certain fruits like apples, oranges, pears, lemons, nuts, and more. When you have an area with a lot of trees, you notice the air is cleaner. Plus, the trees themselves are visually stunning and can add to the aesthetics of any residential or commercial landscape. When you have outside summer jobs working with trees, you may work as a local tree trimmer. Tree trimming is essential for keeping the overall tree healthy and looking beautiful. After all, trees can get sick, and it may often start at their branch level.

A professional tree service professional understands exactly where and how to trim the tree. They can do so, without hurting the tree and giving access to viruses. A lack of tree trimming can become dangerous. After all, large trees may have large branches that can become too heavy over time. If those branches become very heavy, they inadvertently fall, especially if they’re weighed down by snow. Anyone standing near a large branch can get hurt. It can also do damage to any nearby vehicles. That’s why it’s essential for property owners with such trees to call professional tree services for regular maintenance or to handle emergencies.

You may also help handle tree removals. Yes, sometimes the whole tree must need removal when it’s posing a threat to a nearby structure. A large tree with overgrown branches is a threat to the nearby foundation of the home. Those routes are strong enough to take a house off its foundation or puncture a septic tank. A punctured septic tank is a major health hazard that property owners would have to clean up and may get fined for. That, as you can see, working with trees can help save the environment in many ways.

When you work in this field, you can expect to learn all the safety practices needed. You’ll go through rigorous training to prioritize safety, whether working with sharp tools or climbing trees. If you help a tree professional cut down a tree, you’ll notice the method they use to avoid hurting themselves or anyone nearby. They understand how to cut down the tree to ensure it falls in a direction to avoid nearby property or people.


If you or anyone you know has done gardening, you may be familiar with mulch and its benefits. Mulch helps protect plant roots and fertilize the soil in the landscape or around particular plants. When you learn how to do forestry mulching, you understand how an entire plant or landscape can be used to fertilize the rest of the area. This type of large-scale mulching will grind up vegetation on the spot, and that organic matter is spread on the rest of the land. It’s a fast and effective way of fertilizing a space, getting rid of plants like weeds, and clearing land. It’s a good way to use the environment to nurture itself without relying on harsh chemicals. It can also reduce the likelihood of a brushfire since it helps to quickly get rid of overgrown or dying vegetation in an effective manner.


Have you ever looked at a beautiful walkway, water fountain, or retaining wall and wondered how it was built? When you work with masonry contractors, you’ll have outside summer jobs where you’ll learn how to create these beautiful stable structures that can last decades. Masonry workers use materials like cement, stone, brick, or a combination of them to build strong and protective structures like retaining walls that can prevent erosion. They’ll build your walkways to create paths along your property. They may also construct your outside patio. There are a range of structures these professionals create that can bring value, beauty, and additional function to any space. Some of the most obvious examples of this in the work are the pyramids of Giza, which were built from the ground up with the use of clay bricks.

Garden Centers

Outside summer jobs working in a local garden center is fabulous for anyone who loves being around beautiful plants and flowers. Dissenters are a beloved place among hobbyist plant enthusiasts and other curious customers who want to learn more about the mini plant varieties on the planet. You’ll have a good time interacting with people who want to learn more about green living and the various processes that plants may go through. Enjoy talking about plants all day with people who can talk about them as well. People may come in looking for the best flowers at home or as a gift, and you can help them pick. You can also advise people on plant care and show off your expertise.

Regardless of how much you may already know about plants, you’re bound to learn even more about the requirements, different species, and the best landscaping techniques to help them grow and thrive. Part of your job may also include designing landscapes and creating plant displays. There is room for creativity in this job and you have some of the most beautiful materials to work with, thanks to the plants themselves. Many people often state that garden centers work in close-knit teams. From managers to gardeners and other professions, people will often collaborate. You may walk away with ecologically minded friends when the summer job ends, or maybe stay on at the same garden center for a while.

As you can see, you have several outside summer jobs that can give you a taste of lucrative and fun careers in which you don’t have to restrict yourself by working in an office. Learn on-the-job skills working with pool maintenance, garden centers, roofing, and so much more. Being outside is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Imagine how you would feel when you have a regular job that requires being outside all the time. It’ll be a good way to stay mentally healthy and physically active as you won’t be sedentary all day. Use this list as a guide for outside jobs that can give you the energy you need and the skills that you desire.

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