How XPEL Window Tinting Faces the Heat

According to the video, the Tesla XPEL window tinting services improve automotive comfort and safety. When exposed to the scorching heat of the sun, your car’s interior tends to heat up very fast. However, the heat is manageable with XPEL window tinting, and it comes with such benefits as UV, infrared, and heat protection. Here’s the science behind it:

1. the Dark Charcoal Coloring

XPEL ceramic window tints have a dark charcoal coloring that helps retract harmful rays from the sun. As such, it offers 99% UV protection and over 85% infrared radiation protection.

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The tint’s dark color improves esthetics for both the interior and exterior, matching any seat color or car body paint.

2. Visible Light Transmission

Visible light transmission refers to the amount of light that travels through the window tints. XPEL window tints come with different VLT percentages. So, you want to know how far you can go. As much as their hues are cool and offer glare protection, it’s safe to be moderate with VLT rather than getting a very dark shade.

3. Heat Reduction

The Tesla XPEL window tinting services provide a 98% heat rejection rate. As such, they make driving in the summer manageable. Consider complementing this feature with your car’s air conditioner to enjoy a cool interior as fast as you need it.


The Tesla XPEL window tinting services curate the best comfort and safety-oriented tints. They serve UV and infrared blockage and visible light transmission, all within the legal requirements.


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