How Rochester Magazines Compete Today

Rochester magazines

Some Rochester NY magazines specifically cover Rochester services and products, while other Rochester magazines combine their coverage to include both local and national coverage of certain topics. These topics range dramatically among Rochester magazines, though the focus for all of these local publications is clear. They are hoping to broaden their readers’ knowledge of the trends, tools, and people causing a stir, and they are aiming to do so in a specific way that makes them both appealing and desirable for advertising.

Thus, today’s Rochester magazines have many different goals and often have enough people to carry out the necessary tasks to get these jobs done. Most Rochester magazines have editorial and sales staffs that do their jobs effectively. The editorial staff and the sales staff often do work together to determine which stories will impact the Rochester market the most, both for readership and for advertising. The editorial side will gather information on trends that are affecting local residents, while the sales staff will be out in the trenches speaking with advertisers and prospects to gauge what sort of topics should be covered by a Rochester NY magazine.

These staffs used to work independently because normally editorial and sales do not mix as easily as peanut butter and jelly do. However, due to the recent recession, efforts to combine these two services have increased as nearly every Rochester magazine has had to compete harder for less advertising space. Also, smart publishers realized not long ago that sales staffs and editorial staffs can and should work together, because both sides have something to bring to the table. Thus, a new era is dawning that allows for strengthened collaboration between these two departments, which has turned out to be excellent news for readers and advertisers.

Readers benefit from the collaborations these Rochester magazines are having because they have more full coverage of the topics that matter the most to them. They additionally get better quality articles because stronger sources and source material are used. And because more businesses are advertising, these readers have more opportunities to read these articles. Advertisers, meanwhile, benefit through having more of a voice in the articles that are covered in these Rochester magazines. Through publishers realizing that advertisers have something valuable to say and that these advertisers are more valuable than the money they fork over, these advertisers get to do more and say more about the things they value.

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