Hire a Local Roofer When You Need an Inspection in Rochester

A thorough roof inspection performed by a qualified roofer should begin at the ground level before extending to the roof. Ben Gromicko’s Youtube video below titled “Performing a Roof Inspection with Russ Ackerman CMI®” highlights areas that should be inspected, including the roof structure’s ventilation, gutter and shingle installation, and flashing condition.

In the video, Russ Ackerman begins by documenting the attic ventilation system, which is located under the roof and may include gables and roof vents. The next step is inspecting the gutter lines and drip edge flashing on the shingles. Ackerman inspects the attic ventilation systems and the condition of roof vents while on the roof.

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He also suggests that overview camera shots of the roof from various angles be taken to ascertain the condition of the shingles, flashings, and nails. He further suggests that shingles should be well linked and any disparities should indicate the need for repair.

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All rooftop penetrations and related installations should also be documented to help with the development of a full roofing repair review and quotation. When you need a roof inspection in Rochester, hire a local roofer that has an abundance of roofing knowledge to do the job right.

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