Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

If you are keen on gardening, then you should gather as much information as you can about it. This video contains tips and advice on mistakes you should avoid in your garden. You should not buy bulk soil or compost without vetting the source carefully. This can be done by scooping out a small sample and sending it in for a soil test.

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Otherwise, you could be in for years of poor gardening. You should also now allow your plants to grow for too long. This will take soil and nutrients from other plants, and the plants that you let stay will likely fade after a while. You should avoid dedicating too much space to one plant. This can be an especially bad mistake if the yields of the crop are poor.

Other tips from the video include starting with more seeds than you need. You can lose seedlings to bad weather. There is also the possibility that a number of your seeds will just be unhealthy and will not grow. The health of your seeds from germination to the seedling stage is the time to pay attention.

If things don’t go well with your garden, do not worry too much about it. The best thing to do is learn from your mistakes.


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