Archive April 15, 2021

White Label SEO Audits Continue to Direct Marketing Budgets

Today’s church services continue in unusual formats. From live streaming to posted prerecorded videos, it is important to note that there are many times when the digital work that is involved in a church service can seem overwhelming. When churches and other non profits work with a company known for its white label SEO audits and strategies, however, the digital tasks may seem less overwhelming.
It is especially difficult, for instance, to track congregational trends in these most unusual times created by the pandemic. With many worshipping groups meeting virtually instead of in person, it should come as no surprise that traditional attendance and giving trends are tricky to track. It is likely that no one expected in March of 2020 that the change to in person worship would still be necessary 10 to 15 months later. Realizing that things will likely not return to normal by summer, however, many congregations are starting to struggle to meet their financial commitments. As a result,

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