Archive July 2, 2013

Rochester Magazine For when you Don’t Get enough Rochester just by Living here

Rochester, New York. The Flower City. Or the Flour City, depending on whom you ask. Or the Lilac City. All terms of endearment, because we love our city so much. There are countless reasons to enjoy this fair city of Rochacha. The lilacs, of course, are reason enough. Their beautiful perfume that fills the air during late April, into May, is intoxicating and mesmerizing. A simple walk through the park can turn into hours when you stop to smell every lilac bush. Then there is also the food, the drink, the arts, the charities and non profits, the politics, the music, the rest of the festivals. Like I said, so much to love Rochester for. For all things Rochester, if you just cannot seem to get enough of the city while living in it, there are a few options of Rochester magazines to give you that little ex

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