10 Fun Activities for Your Winter Bucketlist

It’s that time of year again. Where we start breaking out the coats and boots to prepare for winter. Our heavy blankets are on standby and the heat is just a click away, ready to envelop us in our state of hibernation for the next several months. But the coldest season doesn’t need to be dreary and depressing.

You can embrace the cold and dive right in with a fun winter bucketlist. Most of us have things we’d like to do, whether it’s outdoors or in. Making a winter bucketlist can be fun all on its own. If you can’t think of any, break out your pen and paper. We have a helpful list of fun activities to get you started on a fun winter bucke list.

1. Go Sledding

Sledding is a great activity to do when the weather is cold and there’s snow on the ground. It’s something the whole family can do together while having fun and getting in exercise at the same time. The kids will have a blast, and adults can embrace their inner child as everyone zips down a hill and lands in a pile of snow.

You can really make the best use of your land as well, as it’s probably just sitting there going unused in the winter. Build some piles, dig some tunnels, and make a trail that goes from the front yard to the back. If you don’t have a lot of land, find a park or open field. Many places offer sled and tube rentals as well. You can also make homemade sleds from items around the house including cardboard, plastic, and rope. So bundle everyone up, and let this great winter bucketlist activity begin.

2. Go On A Ski Trip

A ski trip is a fabulous winter bucketlist activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family of all ages. Don’t worry if you’ve never skied before, most ski resorts offer beginner lessons and slopes. After all, the point of a winter bucketlist is to try new things. Skiing is a great way to improve balance, burn calories, strengthen muscles, and boost self-confidence.

You can go for a weekend, or just the day. There are tons of great slopes all over the country that offer special deals for larger groups, so gather the family and choose from one of the many resorts that are surely within driving distance. If you have a pup that you don’t want to leave behind, no worries, some ski resorts offer doggy day care.

If there’s not one on-site, you are bound to find one that’s nearby. Doggy day care is a big business, and many entrepreneurs know people need somewhere to leave their dogs, so they purposely open doggy day care centers near resort areas. Now that Rover is taken care of, it’s time to hit the slopes. Remember to dress in layers. You may start out cold, but you can quickly overheat.

3. Have A Camping Trip

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, a cold-weather camping trip is a great addition to your winter bucketlist. Winter camping gives you a chance to take in the natural beauty without crowds, or bugs. There are a ton of activities to be had, from sledding and hiking to bird watching and ice fishing.

Keep in mind, that winter camping does take some special preparations. It’s vital that you bring lots of layered clothing, plenty of food, and water. If you plan on sleeping in a tent, make sure it’s waterproof, and incest in some thermal insulation blankets. These multilayered covers are specifically designed to keep body heat inside, to keep you toasty in the cold temperatures.

4. Play Indoor Sports

Indoor sports is a fun winter bucketlist activity, that can get you out of the house and get in some exercise. A lot of indoor sports complexes use artificial turf, so you’re less likely to injure yourself than taking your chances outside with snow and ice. Indoor sports complexes are a nice choice because they’re climate-controlled, offer food and drinks, and most provide equipment.

Most indoor facilities offer an array of activities, so when you get bored with one, there’s another one waiting for you to try. One trip can offer indoor sports activities like soccer, basketball, rock climbing, and trampolines. If you prefer to stick to a single indoor sports event, try ice skating, bowling, or tennis.

Many communities have recreation centers or a YMCA where people can participate in indoor sports such as swimming, basketball, table tennis, and more. So don’t use the weather as an excuse to sit on the couch. Go ahead and add some indoor sports to your winter bucketlist.

5. Plan A Coffee Date

You know that new coffee shop you’ve been meaning to try, but we’re just too busy all summer? Well, it’s the perfect addition to a winter bucketlist that will get you up and out to beat those blustery blues. Pick up the phone and ask a friend, plan a relaxing morning with your partner, or find a kid-friendly shop and introduce them to a new experience. You might even want to ask a neighbor who’s been stuck in the house all winter.

Coffee shops are a nice way to spend a few hours out of the house, but somewhere that nice and warm. You can socialize, people-watch, have some great conversation, and try that gourmet espresso that is on the menu. If you’re not a fan of espresso, coffee shops offer a wide variety of beverages including regular coffee, lattes, teas, and juices. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a freshly baked pastry or muffin.

6. Participate In An Outdoor Nativity Scene

During the holiday season, many churches host an outdoor living nativity scene. This is where actors recreate the birth of Jesus in the manger. Though it’s a lovely expression of faith, you don’t need to be involved in a church to participate. Volunteers from the community are always welcome, as putting on an outdoor nativity scene is a monumental task.

It takes many talented hands to create something as unique as this community event where all are welcome. If you don’t want to be the center of attention as an actor, consider other roles, such as costume design, where you can gather things like robes, wigs, and scarves. Maybe you’re good with animals, if that’s the case, you can be in charge of ensuring they are well cared for during the rehearsals and performances. Handy people are always in demand to assist with scenery and setup.

If you have a knack for advertising, consider volunteering to make flyers or spread the word via social media. You can also volunteer to make refreshments and be in charge of the snack stand. Whatever part you choose to play, being part of an outdoor native scene can be a fun and fulfilling activity to have on your winter bucketlist this holiday season.

7. Prepare A Family Meal

Sometimes we’re just not in the mood to bundle up and brave the elements. So we choose to hibernate in the cozy warmth of our homes. Yet, we don’t just want to waste the day in front of the television or have everyone spread out staring at various devices for hours in end.

A dreary day outside is the perfect time to bring everyone together inside, to create a family meal. There’s nothing like the family coming together in the kitchen, working as a team to make some good food. There’s something for everyone to do, no matter their age or skill level. Little ones can tenderize the steak with a mallet, and mix ingredients, while older kids can measure, knead, and gather supplies.

It’s definitely an activity that should be checked off your winter bucketlist, at least once. Start by gathering everyone together to plan what to make, and who will be in charge of specific tasks. You can keep it as simple as steak and potatoes or tacos, or get fancier with several courses or even a buffet.

8. Go Gift Shopping

Another winter bucketlist activity is one that’s not only fun but necessary for the season. With the onset of the holiday season, many people enjoy gift shopping. Whether it’s at malls, outlets, or local shops and boutiques, it’s a good way to get out of the house, spend time with family and friends, and cross off that list of people you’re giving to during this season of celebration.

Many stores have excellent sales during this time of year and offer special deals and promotions. Some even offer free, company branded promotional items. This is a way for the company or brand to advertise themselves and get the word out about new and innovative products they may be rolling out. So if you’re out and about, it’s a great way to get yourself some freebies like ball caps, keychains, water bottles, stickers, and t-shirts.

While you’re out shopping, consider stopping for lunch. Many restaurants also have some money-saving deals going on at this time of year. So grab a reusable bag and that long list of gift-getters, and blaze a trail to your favorite stores.

If you’re not one for crowds, you can find the same sales and deals online as you can shopping in person. Some stores even offer company branded promotional items that you can only get with an online purchase. So while it’s not the same as window shopping, this easy alternative has its perks as well.

9. Visit A Christmas Tree Farm

A visit to a Christmas tree farm is a must-have bucket list item for anyone who has a tree each year. It’s a great family activity that not only gets everyone excited about leaving the house, but it’s also a nice tradition. Going to a tree farm and cutting or choosing your own tree is something that everyone can get excited about and involved in.

From the leisurely drive to the farm where the kids can lead Christmas carols, to the stroll around the farm and deciding what evergreen to bring home to decorate, it’s good old-fashioned family fun. This is a truly special family activity that will create memories that will last a lifetime. You can make a day if it by stopping for a bite to eat or some hot chocolate along the way. It’s also the perfect time to check out the holiday lights and displays in the area.

Once you get your freshly chosen tree home, there’s much more fun to be had, by way of decorating and placing gifts under it. One thing to keep in mind is how you will dispose of the tree when the holidays are over. Check to see if your town offers tree removal or if you’ll need to do it yourself.

10. Have A Snowball Fight

When there’s snow on the ground, there’s fun to be had with a friendly snowball fight. This definitely an event you want to add to your winter bucketlist if you enjoy playing in the fluffy drifts. It’s also a nice way to get some exercise and take part in a friendly competition. The keyword here is friendly, try not to get carried away and having the need for an accident attorney at the end of it all.

Some tips for some safe fun include using soft snow with no ice chunks or other foreign objects. Don’t aim for the face, and stay in an open area, away from cars and windows. You should also dress in layers and have a few pairs of gloves on hand. Other than that, have fun.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our winter bucketlist suggestions. You’re sure to have fun doing a few, or all the things discussed here. Feel free to sit down with your friends and family to compile your own list. Whatever you decide, research your options, but most of all, have fun. Get ready for an exciting winter!

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