10 Essential Curb Appeal Services for Rochester, NY Properties

curb appeal services

Curb appeal, the buzzword on every realtor’s lips, is one of the easiest ways to increase satisfaction with a home. After all, everybody wants to go home to a beautiful, well-maintained, and livable space. A report cited by High Tech Landscape Inc says that 75% of homeowners who used invested in curb appeal were incentivized to stay at their homes. However, you’ll need to engage service providers to achieve these results in Rochester. Discover ten essential curb appeal services for Rochester, NY properties.

1. Landscaping Services

Want to wow your neighbors and prospective buyers in Rochester? Find landscaping services for your home. Landscaping is one of the easiest ways to increase curb appeal. It uses various techniques such as design planning, plant selection, and placement to give your outdoors that wow effect. Hiring landscaping services ensures you get artistic expertise from color theory to design principles.

Curb appeal services such as garden landscaping increase the overall appearance of a home by leaving a memorable impression. Landscapers use color theory to create contrast and harmony that are soothing to the eyes. They also use coordination and layering to create visual focal points that are easy on the eyes. The modern landscaper also uses lighting to accentuate and define spaces.

So, how does the landscaping process work? When you single out a landscaping designer, they’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and desired features. After you have agreed on a plan, they’ll create a detailed blueprint to show you how your home will look with the design. If you approve the plan, they will go ahead with the installation and construction phase.

2. Planting Trees

Have you been to a home that was all cement and asphalt? I bet you thought something was missing – trees. Trees have loads of benefits in increasing curb appeal. First, they are objects of visual interest. Some trees produce flowers while growing and thus make your home look beautiful from far especially throughout different seasons.

Trees also have functional benefits; for example, they are excellent windbreakers protecting your home from strong winds. Instead, they shed flowers and leaves to cover your property with natural beauty. Tree planting is also budget-friendly because there are spread over the years and is low maintenance. As they mature, they’ll continue benefiting the occupants by providing shade, fruits, and free air conditioning.

If you want to undertake a significant tree planting project, working with arborists is best. They are one of the most nature-oriented curb appeal services. They can automate your planting process so you can easily monitor the growth of your trees even when you are far. They’ll typically analyze soil and recommend the best tree species for Rochester properties.

curb appeal services

3. Trimming Trees

Once your trees have grown, you may need tree trimming as one of the curb appeal services in Rochester. Trees can improve curb appeal, but if neglected and unattended, they’ll detract from that beauty and even put home occupants at risk. For example, overgrown tree branches interfere with the electrical grid and may cause fires. Trimming services can help ensure your property looks well-maintained.

Trimming services come to help for different reasons. For example, you may want a cider tree trimmed to a Christmas shape, thus adding beauty during the season. They may also come to remove overgrown branches that make the property look unkempt. Trimming has benefits to the tree, too – it can help it grow to maturity by pruning off non-essential parts that are competing for nutrients.

Trimming trees may add curb appeal, but that doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. Working on trees, especially tall ones, can put you at risk of injury and fall. An older survey reported by CDC says that in one 10-year period, 207 workers died as an immediate result of a fall or electrocution during tree trimming. Thus, it’s advisable to leave tree trimming to the pros.

4. Removing Dead or Diseased Trees

Apart from planting and trimming trees, you may need specific services for tree removal. The most obvious reason for removing trees is when they are diseased or dead. A dead tree starts rotting from the ground in the roots; thus, even with intervention, it can never grow anymore. Diseased trees may recover if detected early by an arborist. Expert tree removers will even remove the tree stump, so there’s no sign a tree existed.

Tree removal is one of the essential curb appeal services in Rochester because dead, diseased trees are sore for the eyes. They scream: ‘unmaintained!’ Still, the process requires trained hands to ensure the tree falls correctly to designated spots. Unorthodox tree removal methods can lead to more problems.

When you consult a removal service, they’ll first inspect the trees’ health, size, and location. After understanding the tree and its environs properly, they’ll put in safety measures. The specialist or arborist will safely fall the tree and clear any debris. If you prefer, they’ll remove the tree and do a final inspection to ensure everything is in place.

5. Installing Landscape Lighting

Landscaping is one of the curb appeal services with the highest return on investment, including landscape lighting. While plants, rocks, and shrubs characterize the landscape, lighting accentuates and spotlights these features. The lighting features can be the spotlight themselves if you design them creatively. Landscape lighting not only illuminates the outdoors during the evening, it also defines the space.

There are different types of lighting you can use for your outdoors, depending on the effect you want to create. Do you want to spotlight the tall trees to add depth and drama? Use lighting that focuses light upward toward the trees.

Do you want to illuminate pathways? Use pathway lights. If you want to illuminate larger spaces, such as your backyard, use floodlights.

A landscape designer can help you devise a plan for installing light in your landscape. They may need to work with an electrician to ensure easy access to electricity. Electrical features will need protection from intense sunlight and heavy rainfall. An electrician may also recommend lighting the whole landscape using solar energy alone.

6. Paving Services

Apart from the wall, the pavement is the first thing anyone entering a property will see. So, if you want to increase curb appeal in a Rochester property, try paving services. An unkempt, potholed pave way gives the impression you don’t take care of your property. However, a local paver can help restore your pave way to its former glory within hours.

A good tip is to combine colors and create a contract when paving. Paving improves curb appeal by polishing the look of your outdoor space and giving it a visual impact. It also helps define spaces by adding structure and organization. For example, it defines the lawn area, the path leading up to the patio, and the driveway. Since it takes human intervention to define spaces, paving gives the impression of professional maintenance.

Paving is also one of the best curb appeal services because it’s low maintenance and increases the safety of house residents. Even in snowy weather, they remain usable. However, if a provider does a shoddy job, the paving will wear off after a few extreme weather seasons. So, ensure you work with reliable and qualified service providers.

curb appeal services

7. House Painting Services

Color psychologists have long established the principles of color theory that prove color is a critical aspect of curb appeal. It makes sense, then, that painting is one of the most in-demand curb appeal services in Rochester. Painting can redefine a space, moving it from dull to interesting in hours. You can paint a different color combination that infuses character and personality.

Most painters understand the color theory and basic elements of interior design, making them a helpful go-to source for everything curb appeal. Painting might be the most affordable compared to other methods, such as installing new features. You can work with a painting company or house painter on condition they understand your vision and work hard to deliver. Always ensure they understand what you expect as the outcome, then let them do their job.

When hiring, there’re certain questions you should ask. Ask the painter what the general process will be like and how long it’ll take. Understanding what goes on during painting will help you plan. Boosting curb appeal doesn’t mean sacrificing indoor air quality, so look for eco-conscious painting options.

8. Installing New Siding

Most people install siding to protect from elements and improve insulation. But did you know you could install new siding for curb appeal purposes? If you have old siding, normal wear, and tear may make your home look old and unmaintained.

However, new siding provides a new and fresh look to the exterior. What’s more? You get to keep the insulation and protection benefits.

A James Hardie siding installer can help you pick the best texture and color for your house. The siding will also hide any imperfections on your external wall. A well-maintained siding helps give the impression you take good care of your property in Rochester, which could improve your chances of selling the house faster and at a good price.

The installer will first prepare the surface by removing the old siding and inspecting the exterior for any needed repairs to ensure the surface is clean. They’ll then help you pick a material and color that matches your style before installing the siding with fasteners. Finally, they’ll put in final finishes, seal edges, and voila! You have a new siding.

9. Installing a Custom Front Door

The door is one of the first things one sees while approaching the house. It makes sense then to use curb appeal services that enhance the look of the front door. A custom entry door can create anticipation and visual interest if designed well. Some people opt for heavy wooden doors for a classic look and security boost. Still, you can choose from other materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel.

A good tip is to match the door’s style with your house’s style. For example, having a rustic dramatic door may not go well with a minimalist style. So, it’s advisable to work with an interior designer with experience making custom doors for properties in Rochester. Also, try to balance aesthetics with functionality. A beautiful door that gets knocked down the first round by a burglar is not worth it.

Before a door contractor installs a custom door, they’ll come and take measurements. After you’ve chosen your preferred material and design option, they will make and deliver the door. It’s best to work with a company that does installation and maintenance to ensure the longevity and durability of the door. After installation, they may do final finishes, including oiling the hinges for easy movement.

10. Fencing Services

In most parts of the world, a fence is a protective measure. In Rochester, you can use fencing to increase curb appeal. The white picket fence symbolizes happiness and family, and you can use this to your advantage. You can be playful too by installing a wooden fence but painting a different color that matches your home.

If you want to improve the look of a property in Rochester with curb appeal services, imagine the type of look you want. For example, if you want a minimalist fence, consider the types of materials you’d prefer, then consult a fence contractor to guide you. A fence will not only improve the curb appeal of your home, but it can also create a safe playing ground for your kids and pets.

To bring it all together, curb appeal services such as landscaping and tree maintenance can help elevate your home from ordinary to elegant. Some of the services will provide value that exceeds your return on investment. Besides, these services deliver more than curb appeal; they also increase the functionality and efficiency of a home. Ensure you vet all service providers so you can work with only the pros in the game.

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