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A Look at Forum Rochester NY

Written by Rochester Magazine on February 11, 2014. Posted in Forum, Rochester, Rochester ny

Forum rochester ny

Many people wonder just what is a forum and how can they be helpful to them. The dictionary definition indicates that it is a place where meetings occur and opinions are duly exchanged. Perhaps the most famous are those that took place in ancient Greek and Roman forums with the great philosophers of the day meeting to exchange thoughts and ideas.
Today, forums have taken on a little different meaning. Currently, forums, including a forum Rochester NY, is held online at different sites. These online forums usually focus on a single subject rather than numerous, varying subjects.
A forum Rochester NY can have subjects such as the attractions and activities occurring in the Rochester NY area

Need Something to Do in Rochester This Weekend?

Written by Rochester Magazine on November 1, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Lake ontario beaches

Living in Rochester may not be much like living in a place like New York City, but that does not mean that there is a dearth of nightlife, fine dining, or entertainment, either. The truth is, Rochester has plenty of things to keep even a long time resident busy. You just need to know where to look!

If you are looking for Rochester events today, Rochester events this weekend, or even next weekend, all you really need to do is check out a Rochester event calendar, park schedules, or local magazines and newspapers. Here is what you might find.

Event Calendars

There are actually several events calendars in Rochester, but any one of them will help you discover events to enjoy. Things slow down a little bit in the fall and the winter, but this weekend there are two fairly large events! The

Fantastic Local Events for Your Hometown

Written by Rochester Magazine on October 2, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Rochester party in the park

Rochester, NY residents sometimes may feel like they do not have much to do. In fact, choosing between fishing in Lake Ontario or hanging out in one of the City of Rochester parks may sometimes feel like the only options available on any given weekend. The good news is that anyone looking for Rochester events today can probably find something that they never would have thought of before.

According to, one local Rochester landmark is making national news once again. That landmark is The National Toy Hall of Fame, which is once again getting ready to select its annual list of inductees. The list of 12 finalists were announced on October 1. The article also went on to state how a national selection committee will go on to see which of last years inductees will be moved into the hall, tha

Bummed Summer is Ending? There are Still Fun Things to Do!

Written by Rochester Magazine on September 4, 2013. Posted in Homepage

George eastman photography

Have you checked a local Rochester events calendar recently? If you have not, then you might be surprised at just how much you could be poised to miss on any one given occasion. While there may be no one specific Rochester event center, local residents know that there is never a shortage of things to do.

While some of the more cosmopolitan Rochester NY magazines may not cover it, the Genesee Country Village Fall Festival and Agricultural Fair is one local event coming very soon that everyone should make sure to visit. This agricultural fair will be more than just a collection of animals and produce. This authentic 19th century fair, taking place from October 5 and 6, will give visitors a chance to see how things were made before the age of industrialization.

Those who mark this kind of thing on

Rochester’s Premier Local Magazine!

Written by Rochester Magazine on August 1, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Rochester ny magazine

For people who are new to the Rochester, NY region, there are many things about the metro area that they did not know about before they came here. While commonsense tells us that people will learn all kinds of new things about a given area when they are actually living there, you would think that the City of Rochester would do a better job promoting itself through Rochester NY magazines, websites, or other promotional media.

If you grew up in Rochester you may not even realize this, but most people who live in other parts of the state, and beyond, know very little what the area has to offer. When outsiders hear about Rochester, most of them think of about Kodak, Genesee beer, and possibly the Eastman School of Music. In fact, those might be the only things that come to mind! Considering the many unique

Rochester Magazine For when you Don’t Get enough Rochester just by Living here

Written by Rochester Magazine on July 2, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Rochester ny magazines

Rochester, New York. The Flower City. Or the Flour City, depending on whom you ask. Or the Lilac City. All terms of endearment, because we love our city so much. There are countless reasons to enjoy this fair city of Rochacha. The lilacs, of course, are reason enough. Their beautiful perfume that fills the air during late April, into May, is intoxicating and mesmerizing. A simple walk through the park can turn into hours when you stop to smell every lilac bush. Then there is also the food, the drink, the arts, the charities and non profits, the politics, the music, the rest of the festivals. Like I said, so much to love Rochester for. For all things Rochester, if you just cannot seem to get enough of the city while living in it, there are a few options of Rochester magazines to give you that little ex

They Really Would “Rather Be in Rochester”

Written by Rochester Magazine on June 21, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Rochester magazine

Rochester is well known for the cold temperatures and lake effect snow that impact much of Central New York State in the winter. The city is also relatively famous for being the birth place of many early and important discoveries in film and photography. Those who are more familiar with the area know that there is much more to it than many people realize.

There are some Rochester NY magazines that provide information about local business, upcoming events and interesting people in the community. Rochester magazines reveal that there is a large and impressive variety of entertainment. Museums, comedy clubs, community and professional theaters and a wide assortment of festivals mean that there is always something fun or interesting to do.

Rochester magazines often run stories and colorful photographs from the Lilac Festival. It is one of the most well known annual events, and is attended by hundreds of thousands of people each year. The abundance of lilacs and other flowers in the area have given Rochester the nickname of the Flower City. It was originally called the Flour City, named for the flour mills that were once there.

Rochester is a city that is rich in culture. It has a beautiful waterfront with beaches that are popular in the summer, and there are several nearby ski resorts open in the winters. There is nightly entertainment, and all kinds of activities for the entire family all year round. If you would like more information about Rochester magazines are a great place to start.

Looking for Funeral Homes in Rochester, NY

Written by Rochester Magazine on June 12, 2013. Posted in Pet funeral rochester, Rochester funeral home, Rochester ny funeral homes

Funeral homes rochester ny

If you have had a loved one recently pass away, the pain can be unbearable. And during that difficult time, the last thing you want to have to do is make decisions and deal with legalities.

However, there are many funeral homes in Rochester NY, and one of the things that you need to decide is which Rochester funeral home is the best for your needs.

Different Rochester NY funeral homes offer many different options for service, and that makes it all the more confusing and difficult. But during these difficult times, choices are not your enemy.

Funeral homes in Rochester NY offer you options so that your loved ones and pets are remembered and sent off in the way that you want them to be. Most Rochester funeral homes also offer pet cremation rochester NY in their list of services. That versatility just makes it easier for you no matter what your circumstances are. Learn more: